The Evolution of the Cellphone Headset & Bee Update

“Project Glasses” is basically a high tech visor – One of the problems people have always had with “augmented reality devices” is they generally impede your vision.  Eyepatches, Sunglasses with integrated heads-up-display, etc.   Google seems to have solved that problem by putting a high resolution mini-screen above a single eye, and then using a built in eye-facing camera to track where you are looking.  When it tracks your eye looking at the screen, it then lets you control the screen simply by focusing your vision.   Smart smart smart.

Regardless of your opinion of Google, you’ve got to admire their ability to paint the future.   Cell Phone Headset becomes Smart Phone Visor, and everyone buys it because it’s the natural evolution of a product they’re already comfortable with – Except now it can do so much more!  Supposedly this is in testing, and the word is it’s a long ways out…. But I’m not so sure I buy that, this is all available using current technology and G-Corp has the install-base to pull it off.  This video of course just features Googles suite of products, but once this interface gets into the hands of developers it’s going to be a whole new ballgame.


Open Source, Modular, Printable Beehive Project Update

Tonight my wife & I are attending a bee event at the California Academy of Science – The folks from UrbanBees, a San Francisco Beekeeping group will be in attendence, so I’m hoping to get some city-beekeeper perspective.   The most current design is functionally obsolete – The next design will take this concept, but turn its on its side, I hope to release it early next week.   Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

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