Brief Service Interruption

We’ve been quiet here for the last few days, but it’s not for lack of activity.  Over the next few weeks posts will be sparse and brief while I am moving. I hope to blog about building my first 3d printer next month, and from there I have many topics to hit.     Additive Manufacturing is the 6th fastest growing industry in the US, and the recent newsflow reflects that momentum.  Very exciting times.

Stay Tuned


3 thoughts on “Brief Service Interruption

  1. intelligentheating says:

    Hey there,

    How is the printer coming along?

    • Following a pretty negative experiance with PrintrBot, I got a refund and subsequently pledged for a dual extruding VISION (Prusa) variant

      Moving continues – I hadn’t realized how much rehabbing we’d have to do, and unfortunately I haven’t felt comfortable blogging about the projects I’m working on (yet).

      How’s your companies foray into 3d printing going?

      • intelligentheating says:

        We had a problem with the MakerBot which I’ll blog about this weekend, basically one of the strepstruders got scrapped along the plate that holds the object you are printing. Other than having a a bunch of scratch marks we look like we escaped that escapade without any other damage.

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